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Ben, while going up in the box. Written by James Dashner [x]

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The Maze Runner cast in an interview in LA

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Thomas and Minho in new ‘Runners’ clip

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Check out Yahoo Movies UK to see The Maze Runner cast in this exclusive video going behind-the-scenes at a recent photo shoot in London.

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So, I just watched The Maze Runner.

I was at an early screening in Toronto tonight (let’s not even talk about the Q&A, because I still haven’t become able to process all the attention Kaya, Will and Dylan gave me [specially Dylan with this three fucking winks in my direction, wtf]), and I am not gonna spoil anything, I’m just gonna say this: 

This film is literally the best book to movie adaptation I’ve seen to date; yes, they changed some things, but the incredible thing is that, regardless of those changes, it honestly and truly felt like they plastered the book onto the screen. The feeling of it, the vibe, the essence of the whole story, the characters, their relationships, they ALL felt genuinely exactly like the book. Almost like they hadn’t changed a thing.

It was actually very emotional, it felt as if I were watching the characters instead of actors playing our characters, and it’s fucking amazing because the cast is THAT good. Newt was perfect in my opinion, Sangster does him perfect justice, EVERYONE does their character perfect justice. And the special effects, and the music, and— jfc it was perfect.

I’m just so thankful to James for this story, to Wes for making such a good job of bringing this awesome story onto the screen so perfectly, and the cast for almost basically literally BEING their characters. 

I’m so happy with this film, and I truly and genuinely hope every single one of you feel the same way when you watch it. I couldn’t be happier with this movie even if I tried. 

SPOILER: Okay, so I could be happier. The only thing it missed was my favourite scene in the book, the one where Newt goes “Great. We’re all bloody inspired.” I needed and missed that, but that is truly the only bad thing I found in the film. It’s THAT good.

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